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Ensemble Theatre Conversations

Georgie Parker. Photo: Karen Watson

With the city under lockdown owing to the coronavirus, ardent theatergoers can now go online, tune into the Ensemble Theatre Conversations and stay connected.

Mark Kilmurry, the Ensemble Theatre artistic director, explained that he came up with the idea of keeping audiences engaged with the actors they may have seen on the stage. “I wanted to have conversations about the actor’s lives and work. It’s not terribly in-depth perhaps and it’s not meant to be that, it’s just to have a conversation and a chat as if you’re listening to two people talking in a foyer.”

People who tune in may also have the opportunity to ask these actors questions which they’ve never had the chance of asking.

Conversations with Georgie Parker, Kate Raison, and Brian Meegan are already available for viewers to watch, with further talent contributing in the coming weeks including Australian playwright Melanie Tate and director Priscilla Jackman, whose play was in rehearsals when the shutdown was ordered.

Kilmurry said that he’d like the Ensemble Theatre Conversations to continue once the theatre reopens. “I’m enjoying doing it (with social distancing of course) and they’ve proven to be quite successful. Viewers are sending in requests asking if we can interview certain people. If we can make it a regular thing, I’d love that!” (MMo)

To tune into Ensemble Conversations head to