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Breaking Glass

Photo: Daniel Boud

Carriageworks and Sydney Chamber Opera (SCO) are gearing up to present an online world premiere of four operatic pieces this Friday. 

The Breaking Glass event will see Australian female composers: Peggy Polias, Josephine Macken, Georgia Scott and Bree van Reyk present their pieces together via a Facebook broadcast.

Breaking Glass is the result of two years of working with four exceptionally talented composers whose voices are essential as opera moves into the third decade of the 21st century. The stories these women are telling through this endlessly reinvented artform could not and would not be told anywhere else, by anyone else,” said SCO Artistic Director Jack Symonds.

This production was originally set to premiere in March, but coronavirus scuttled that. Thankfully though the production was fully recorded beforehand so these stories will be seen and heard.

“Even though it is a shame not to get the opportunity to perform to a live audience, it felt like both an enormous risk and privilege to be making something out of nothing when many around us were losing hope and the world was shutting down,” said Symonds.

Apr 25. Watch:

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