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Audiences who are expecting a fast-paced, big-budget adventure film set in interstellar space may be bitterly disappointed in Astronaut. This is basically the story of an elderly man’s passion for astronomy and his dream to travel to the stars.

Under duress from his young grandson Angus Stewart (Richard Dreyfuss) enters the competition of a lifetime, to win a ticket on the first commercial flight to outer space.

Old and frail with a heart condition can this 75-year-old man achieve his dream?

The film touches on the loving relationship between a man and his young grandson and explores the effect that aging has on the human psyche.

Poignant at times this enjoyable movie is perfect viewing for the entire family conveying the message that despite obstacles, dreams can come true.

Richard Dreyfuss is a pleasure to watch in a role that was seemingly written for him in this small but high-quality feel-good drama, which should justifiably find a vast audience on non-cinematic platforms. (MMo)


Available via On Demand platforms from April 8

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