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The Lockdown Survival Kit: Vintage, Retro & Cool Board Games

With all the panic that’s been going on lately it’s clear we all need to take a step back, forward, over, across and, definitely a step up. Welcome to the game of Twister a seriously fun game which first hit world fame in 1966 when featured on the Johnny Carson Show with Carson and Eva Gabor, of Green Acres fame demonstrating how this board game should be played on national television. More recently the game was presented on The Jimmy Fallon Show with Fallon trying to outsmart Kristen Stewart using bowls of green jelly as Twister spots. In this time of mass anxiety and social isolation we all need something a little ridiculous to take our minds off reality. We also need something that will keep us active in our own homes as we can’t go to the gym. Twister is a game that can be played by two or more people and involves using the whole body. All gangly arms and legs working together in a common cause. There is no social distancing here. It’s a game for families, friends or couples in isolation together. Good for children and adults alike. In fact there is also a Twister Dance commercial featuring Britney Spears singing Keep On Dancing Till The World Ends. Very apt indeed.

Snakes And Ladders is another goody. Modified by the English, this game was originally from India and was played as early as the second century. Ladders for virtues, snakes for vices. Ladders up and snakes down. Moving up the ladder reflects life’s spiritual journey. The winner is the one who gets to the top, stays at the top and gets to the last space at the top with a roll of the dice. Kinda like politics really. There are ways to act this out on Instagram too or to organise teams online.

If all else fails there’s the hula hoop. Great for social distancing if you’ve had enough of your housemates or family members.

Available at: Shorties, 93 Norton Street Leichhardt.

P.S. Shorties specialises in handcrafted games by local designers. No mass produced stuff.

By Renee Lou Dallow

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