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Queen & Slim

This crime drama romance stars Daniel Kaluuya and Jodie Turner-Smith as Queen and Slim respectively, two African Americans on the run after a racist policeman was shot dead in self-defense.

The fugitives embark on a road trip and plan on escaping to Cuba. The film traces the “black Bonnie & Clyde’s” journey through Southern America, the people they meet and resonates their dream of being free in a non-racist America.

After a dramatic beginning, the film dwindles into a slow-moving romance and seemingly alternates into a visual geography lesson with endless and pointless camera shots of beautiful landscapes and sunsets.

Credibility lapses as the film progresses. Queen, who happens to be an attorney, takes charge of the escape and her transition into crime is unrealistic. Jodie Turner-Smith’s acting is somewhat wooden at times and many of the storylines can best be described as contrived and laughable.

The six-day manhunt comes to a haunting but predictable conclusion, as these fugitives who are viewed as heroes by the black community meet their fate.

Ultimately, this film is overlong and underwhelming but does make an important statement on the plight of the blacks as racial discrimination divided a nation. (MMo)

★★ ½

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