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Military Wives

Kristin Scott Thomas and Sharon Horgan star in the British feel-good film of the year, which should prove quite popular amongst movie-goers.

Whilst British troops are deployed to Afghanistan a group of women residing at the base form the first Military Wives choir so “there’s less time to think about things.” After several ups and downs, the choir is ultimately invited to sing at the televised Festival Of Remembrance in London at the Royal Albert Hall.

Inspired by true-life events, this crowd-pleaser highlights the effects of separation, the hardships, and anguish experienced by the soldier’s wives as they await the fate of their husbands.

Poignant yet funny, this emotional roller coaster will have audiences cheering for these strong and resilient women who triumphantly redefine the word courageous.

Beautiful and entrancing angelic harmonies performed throughout the film and the talented and very likable ensemble cast ensures that this film is a joy to watch.

Currently, there are 2,300 women in 75 Military Wives choirs all over England which reaffirms the importance of social activities upon the mental stability of these women. (MMo)


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