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Key Assets Foster Care

Have you ever considered becoming a foster carer? If so, Key Assets are a great first point of call.

Key Assets provide carers with on-going training, 24/7 support, a dedicated social worker and an allowance. They also hold regular events and connect carers with other carers for extra support.

It’s also important to recongnise that it’s never to late to become a foster carer. Take Key Assets foster carer Henry for example. Henry first became a carer under the Key Assets banner two years ago at 42 years old, and remains a key member today caring for 13 year old Sam.

“Seeing Sam improve and make solid progress really keeps me going. Sometimes when I step back and look at how far he has come, it makes me feel really proud. It’s nice hearing Sam talk about the future living with me, asking me if I can teach him to drive when he gets older and asking if I will help him buy his first car.

“Sharing a safe, loving and warm environment with a child in need is the best feeling. Watching them grow, develop and thrive, and enjoy enriching experiences is such a reward,” said Henry, before then explaining to City Hub that the learning process is a two way street. “I’ve learned a lot from Sam too. This whole experience has allowed me to develop new skills and insights as an individual. I also didn’t expect to receive so much support from our friends and family, our employers, Key Assets and from other carers as well.”

Contact Key Assets & apply to become a carer at