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Gin and ice-olation

Local distilleries, Archie Rose Distilling Co and Poor Toms, reallocate resources to produce much needed hand sanitiser in wake of COVID-19.

Panic buying across Sydney has seen toilet paper, soap and hand sanitiser become incredibly rare over the past few weeks. Thankfully Sydney’s local distilleries have noticed this need and are shifting their focus away from the luxuries of whiskies, gins, vodkas and rums to help produce critically needed hand sanitiser.

In a statement about their decision to shift production Archie Rose founder, Will Edwards said, “We as a business and team, along with the retail and hospitality industries, and all Australians, are facing incredibly difficult times. However, we are in a very unique position to manufacture this essential product which led us to the tough but clear decision to divert our spirits capacity to manufacture hand sanitiser.”

The decision to shift production away from alcoholic drink also means that both businesses are able to continue employing a majority of their staff.

“We are redeploying as many of our full time bar staff as possible who have been stood down as a result of the forced shutdown of all bars, to assist in filling, packaging and shipping the product,” said Edwards.

At this point in time Poor Toms is reserving all of the sanitiser they produce for frontline emergency services. While Archie Rose Distilling Co have 500ml bottles available for $20.

For more info head to each companies website.

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