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Burning Kiss

Every so often a low budget film surfaces which raises the question – how did this project make it beyond the scripting stage?

The story of a crippled detective who is on a mission to solve the mystery of who killed his wife is underwhelming, to say the least, the very least.

A whodunnit Aussie thriller of sorts interweaved with the complicated relationship between a father and daughter, feels like a bad flick lost in the 1970s, containing ambitious sequences and images seemingly from early experimental films, which only add to the ambiguity of the story.

An attractive young cast delivers competent performances, but a convoluted script non-sensical at times and too intricately executed evokes a nauseous feeling of being on a hypnotic trip after overdosing on a cocktail of drugs.

Low production standards and cheesy storylines including a killer shark and psychic compound to the real mystery of the piece, being can audiences watch this debacle without switching off 30 minutes into the film?

This is not a bad film – it’s just downright awful! (MMo)

★ ½

Available to watch on On-Demand platforms April 1.

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