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Wild Butterfly: The Claire Murray Story

Wild Butterfly is a documentary which reflects on the tragic life and passing of Perth’s Claire Murray.

At just 24 years old Murray passed following complications associated with a failed liver transplant. However, there is much more to her story. This documentary uses dramatised reenactments to reveal that as a young girl Murray was sexually abused, a moment which would ultimately scar her psyche and lead her down a path of drug abuse.

During her life Murray was depicted as an ungrateful junkie who recklessly destroyed her first transplant, after relapsing and suffering further liver failure. Wild Butterfly though poses questions about the way Murray and her family were treated by doctors, the media and the general public via social media.

Wild Butterfly tells a truely heartbreaking story. With some deeper investigation into specific elements of Murray’s story this film could have been truely revelatory. As it stands though Wild Butterfly is a compelling tale, but not a must watch.


‘If the content of Wild Butterfly brings up concerns for you please contact someone you trust, your GP or relevant service’

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