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Music from Asia typically evokes either a traditional or K-Pop, such as Psy’s Gangnam Style, aesthetic for many people. However, the region is thriving with a plethora of artists creating different styles of music. One band in particular is making huge waves in the global rock and roll scene, that being Japan’s ONE OK ROCK.

After selling out stadiums all over Japan the group is now looking to take their incredibly impressive live show around the world. With the first stop being here in Australia. With bands Set It Off and Stateside providing support for this tour rock fans are in for an experience like no other when the Eye Of The Storm hits Sydney in March.

Prior to arriving in Australia Takahiro ‘Taka’ Moriuchi took some time out of his busy rehearsal schedule to speak with City Hub.

“It’s been two and half years since our last tour in Australia, so we’re excited!” said Moriuchi before adding, “Because it’s our second time, we’re hoping that our connection with our fans will be stronger and it will show in our performance.”

Since forming in 2005 ONE OK ROCK’s style has fluctuated between alternative rock and emo to post-hardcore and pop rock. Throughout this process the band has only ever had one focus though, put rock music back in the spotlight that it once was.

This ethos was most noticeable during the creation of their latest record, Eye Of The Storm. During this process Moriuchi and his bandmates realised that rather than making big drastic changes all that was required was a “more simple way of thinking” and approach to the music. By taking this approach ONE OK ROCK have created an album which will appeal to die hard rock and roll fans around the world.

When asked what fans can expect from this run of shows Moriuchi remained rather tight lipped.

“Instead of describing our music or show, we want people to come to our shows and experience it!”

In closing Moriuchi also had a heartfelt message for Australia as a whole, “All of us have been deeply heartbroken by the massive bushfire crisis in Australia. We will give it our best on stage in hopes to make everyone feel a little brighter. We look forward to seeing you there!”

Mar 7. Enmore Theatre, 118-132 Enmore Rd, Newtown. $89.90-$149+b.f. Tickets & Info:

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