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A Guide To Second Date Sex

A couple meet at a club and decide to go out on a date. An awkward first date leads to a second in which each hopes to improve their maneuvers but instead manage to embarrass themselves and each other by trying too hard to impress. A familiar state of play for any two people trying to start a relationship.

George Mackay (Ryan) and Alexandra Roach (Laura) shine as the awkward twosome each on the rebound and each determined not to make the same mistakes they have made before. On meeting for the first time they are not exactly besotted with one another but manage to fall into an easy banter which makes for a comfortable progression to the next step. Both rely on friends via text messaging to help them get through. 

On the second date sex is definitely on the agenda for both. 

Weird dancing and barbell lifting precede as both gear up for a hot and heavy night in the sack. Things do not go according to plan though as both Ryan and Laura are not quite as confident as they’ve made out to be and Laura decides to end the date and go home. Ryan convinces her to come back and try again but to add to an already disastrous evening Ryan’s ex turns up and puts a spanner in the works. A comedy of errors scenario follows but the situation manages, somehow, to get back on track. Will they or won’t they get it on?

Beautifully and sensitively written and directed by Rachel Hirons this is a film which is not afraid to explore the naked truth of life in the raw.


Reviewed by Renee Lou Dallow

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