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36 Husbands

36 Husbands is true community film-making. The cast and crew spent five months traveling and working together with a tiny budget, with many playing both on and off-screen roles.

The film follows the story of three powerful women with masterful kung-fu skills. They’re employed by an unidentified organisation as spies, tasked with luring 36 men to become their husbands, gaining a vital piece of information from each of them along the way.

The acting has some highlights, however the premise of the film and the 36 husbands is never entirely made clear. The kung-fu fight scenes, however, are well executed and impressive.

36 Husbands is a light-hearted comedy with a quirky soundtrack and a fun cast.

★★ ½

Bright Blue Gorilla will be holding a special Q&A screening/concert on Feb 22.

Humph Hall, 85 Allambie Road, Allambie Heights. Info:

Reviewed by Lisa Seltzer

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