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These school holidays the Cat Protection Society will be opening their doors and allowing kids to interact with some very cute kittens and cats.

If you’re hunting for free school holiday entertainment, look no further.

“Kids love animals, so we thought that we would help out families this school holidays by opening our doors and providing a completely free experience where kids can interact with our gorgeous felines. On the day, kids will learn how to create quirky kitty toys, how to safely handle cats and best of all receive cuddle therapy,” said Kristina Vesk, CEO of Cat Protection Society NSW.

Not only is this a fantastic free event, which will get the kids out of the house but there are four other great benefits to the program. Every child who participates in these open sessions will learn creative skills as they create cad friendly toys for the yet to be adopted felines. Kids will also receive priceless “cuddle therapy” as they are taught how to pick up on signs of stress, anxiety or annoyance in our feline friends as they give them as many cuddles as they wish. During the sessions, you can also be assured that your children will be spending some time away from the screen, even if only for a short part of the overall holiday period.

And finally, but perhaps the best benefit of all, the kids may make a friend for life. If you are thinking of or are just sick of your kids pestering you to purchase a cat, this is the perfect chance to see how a cat could fit into your family and test whether your child is equipped to care for a new addition to the family.

Until Jan 22. Cat Protection Society of NSW, 103 Enmore Road Newtown. FREE. Bookings are essential and can be made by calling 02 9519 7201

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