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James Smith – Live & Uncensored

James Smith doesn’t mince words when he talks about fitness. The outspoken, expletive-happy, no-punches-pulled personal trainer got so fed up with the commercial, sensationalised industry that fitness had become that he had to speak up – loudly. The Brit, who now lives in Bondi, gained fame via social media and YouTube, and now he’s going to deliver his gritty message on stage in his very first tour.

His talks are aimed at disenchanted people “who are probably a little confused on which direction to go – they’ve tried a few gimmicks and succumbed to a few fads before.”

Smith knows what it’s like because he’s been there and done that. He also understands that he needs to be a little different to cut through all the other marketing noise.

“People in the industry can be a bit dry on the subject and I know that because I’ve studied under these people, so I know not to make that mistake,” he explains.

One of his big talking points is the notion of “calorie deficit”, that is, ensuring people use more calories than they take in. The idea of counting calories is not new, but the way it’s been taught previously has made people unsuccessful and therefore cynical.

Smith says that any weight loss and fitness plan needs to be customised to suit the individual.  

“Every solution out there is a bit like a tailored jacket, and no two jackets are gonna be the same. It’s my job to make sure that it fits that person,” he says.

Smith gets frustrated by people in the industry selling “easy solutions” which invariably require a buy-in, subscription and/or continuous purchase of expensive powders, pills, superfoods. He’s not about that. He wants people to learn the methods and principles so they can take care of themselves.

“I’m like the driving instructor of fitness, where, unfortunately you are going to have to buckle down for a few weeks and you are going to have to learn and at the end of it we’re gonna get you to a point where I no longer need to sit next to you.”

Feb 7. Metro Theatre, 624 George St, Sydney. $67.90+b.f. Tickets & Info:

By Rita Bratovich

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