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REVIEW: Chase Atlantic – Phases Concert

Entering into Sunday’s Chase Atlantic concert at Marrickville’s Factory Theatre I personally had very limited knowledge or expectations for the show. This was simply because I was rather unfamiliar with the band, aside from small snippets I had been shown by my girlfriend (a self-confessed “huge Chase Atlantic fan”).

Upon arriving at the venue we were greeted by a lengthy line of mid to late-teen, mostly female fans. Whilst waiting to enter the atmosphere and excitement was already beginning to build within the crowd.

Opening act Xavier Mayne did a great job of further amping up the audience. Something which must be commended given the already palpable anticipation in the air. In the final few moments of the set Chase Atlantic frontman, Mitchell Cave would join Mayne on stage and set the crowd into a tizzy before the main event.

After a brief interlude Chase Atlantic would take to the stage to a loud scream.

During their set, the band would go through a range of songs from the Phases album, whilst also interspersing a few old fan favourites.

There was brief intermission moment at the mid-point of Chase Atlantic’s set which felt rather strange and ultimately sucked the energy from the room. Thankfully they were able to bring it back up quickly once they returned.

Despite feeling like the oldest person in the room this was an overall enjoyable alternative rock/hip-hop/R&B/soul-infused experience.

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