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Montaigne’s second album is an incredible feat of pop songwriting and performance which isn’t simply a sugary hit for the senses. Throughout her music, Montaigne conveys substantial messages as she explores themes of loneliness, isolation, love, confusion and self-image. In a recent conversation with City Hub Montaigne talked us through the process behind this record, how she feels about the sometimes negative stigma attached to pop music and finally her secret (or not so secret anymore) “nerdy” hobbies.

Released at the end of August Montaigne’s second album has perhaps the most fitting name for a record ever. Titled Complex this record sees Montaigne blending a pop sound with deep meaningful lyricism. According to her, this was a very deliberate choice in the hopes that it would allow listeners to connect with the themes and lessons contained within.

“When you blend tales of trauma, darkness and struggle with an artistic style which is lighter and has a bit more levity, humour or danceability it almost lends cathartic energy to the music which allows it to cut through.”

This concept is something which Montaigne explained was inspired by a personal connection she had with the band Arcade Fire, “a lot of their music tackles heavy things but the music is really catchy, beautiful and anthemic so that has always made me feel uplifted.”

Obviously, with Montaigne’s music falling so overtly within pop it could very easily get tarnished with the negative stigma often associated with the genre. However, she is quick to dismiss that thought, “I am aware that pop has that attribution to it but I don’t really care. I feel sorry for anyone who feels like they want to put down a certain style of music because it’s not “cool enough” because they’re missing out on some of the joys of life.”

Finally, during the conversation, City Hub quickly learned that Montaigne views herself as a bit of a self-professed nerd.

“My interests in life have always been pretty nerdy,” she revealed.

In particular, Montaigne is an avid gamer and Dungeon & Dragons player. A hobby which she actually feels is beneficial to her musical pursuits because “fantasy is often a great genre for exploring bigger things in life.”

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