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Hermitage: The Power Of Art

Despite the distance and politics, Russian culture tingles curious minds of Sydney art lovers.

After Alexander The Great: 2000 Years Of Treasures (2012) and Masters Of Modern Art From The Hermitage (2018-2019) exhibitions, Hermitage: The Power Of Art is coming to the big screen to introduce the home of the world-class art collection.

The Great Beauty star Tony Servillo walks the viewer through the halls of the magnificent Winter Palace, telling the story of the city, the buildings, royal collectors and artistic gems, all woven into kerfuffles of the Russian history for the past 250 years. The creators of The Prado Museum: A Collection Of Wonders excel to illustrate the story through stunning shots using 3D technology in competition with the Russian Ark (2002) experimental documentary directed by Alexander Sokerov produced using a steady cam sequence shot.

★★★★ ½


Reviewed by Olga Sedneva

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