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Dita Von Teese – Glamonatrix

Photo: Sequoia Emmanuelle

Few artists embody the term ‘iconic’ as exquisitely as Dita Von Teese. The modern legend of pin-up and burlesque has re-glorified a bygone era of elegance and redefined feminism. Her elaborate, highly polished shows sell out theatres across the globe and she is revered by celebrities, haute couture designers, and fans that span the full spectrum of diversity. Von Teese is bringing her new show, Glamonatrix to Australia for a 10-day national tour in what will be her third visit to our shores. On the menu are four completely new acts, integrating the classic with the contemporary.

“I’m especially excited because I just bought this really high-tech backdrop-like curtain motor that does these really neat things. So, it’s fabric that will make shapes… it’s not an LED wall, but it’s still something new,”  says Von Teese. She mentions the LED wall because, while she has used holograms and light mapping in past shows, she’s not a huge fan of high-tech and special effects, preferring a more pure form of burlesque.

“Ours is the biggest touring burlesque show in history – and I’m really proud of it being a burlesque show and I don’t feel the need to just hijack every other art form and put it into my show,” she explains, although she is not averse to introducing disparate and unique elements to spice up a show. “It’s one of the reasons I keep touring and I really enjoy doing what I do, is to see how far we can take it.”

Glamonatrix will feature costumes designed by corset maker Mister Pearl, British designer Jenny Packham, French couturier Alexis Mabille, burlesque icon Catherine D’Lish, Brooke Brothers, with bespoke footwear by Christian Louboutin. On stage with Von Teese will be renowned performers, Dirty Martini and Australian star Zelia Rose. Highlights include a Swarovski crystal-coated cake (in which Von Teese is ensconced); giant sparkling lipstick; and a freshly re-mixed version of the famous martini glass routine. 

“How do I translate this into ultra womanly sex erotic power that makes other people feel like they can be part of it too?” asks Von Teese. Come and find out.

Dec 6-7. State Theatre, 49 Market St, Sydney. $90-$200+b.f. Tickets & Info:

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By Rita Bratovich

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