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Crossing Over With John Edward

Whilst speaking with world-renowned psychic medium John Edward City Hub was shocked to learn that rather than dissuading sceptics from attending his events he actually encourages and welcomes them.

During our conversation with Edward ahead of his upcoming events at Sydney’s State Theatre, we would come to learn that this mindset traces back to his own introduction to the field.

“I had a reading when I was 15, where I went to debunk a woman that was doing a reading at my grandmother’s house,” explained Edward before continuing, “I wanted to show my family that she wasn’t real and that she wouldn’t be able to read me because I wasn’t going to help her in the way that they had helped her.”

Little did he know that this woman would inevitably set him on a lifelong journey into the spirit realm. 

During his reading, Edward was informed by the woman that “she had highly evolved beings of white and gold light that were ready to work with me, and that she was there that day to put me on my path.” Hearing such an odd reading immediately made Edward’s ears prick up as this simply “didn’t sound like everybody else’s readings and became a very unnerving experience.”

From that moment forward Edward has combined his psychic abilities with his “direct, straight-forward, no BS, New Yorker” approach to develop incredibly powerful connections with audiences the world over. He has however had to work incredibly hard to hone his abilities even further than many would have seen on his late 90s-early 00s television show Crossing Over.

“Somebody asked me a year or two ago ‘would I want to see Crossing Over come back and be in re-runs?’ But my answer is no I wouldn’t, because Crossing Over was good for then but I’m so much faster, better and can go deeper now.”

With this improved skillset, Edward has also needed to develop the ability to switch off.

“As a person who does this work, you have to make a decision to turn your energy on, look at the person and go into their space. If that person hasn’t allowed you to do that then that is a violation and a universal no-no.”

It is this exact behaviour which Edward believes distinguishes ethical mediums from unethical mediums.

“If you meet somebody who is oh so psychic that they can’t shut it off you’re not encountering their psychic ability you’re encountering their ego.”

For audiences attending the upcoming events in Sydney, their ticket acts as a contract to allow Edward to read them. However, he will still ask for verbal permission if he feels “something really private or personal” is coming through before delving deeper.

Edward even encourages sceptics to attend these upcoming events.

“I actually encourage people to be sceptical. If they’re sceptical it helps me do a better reading because it means they’re listening and thinking about what I’m saying and not trying to reach for something that they want it to be.”

Nov 22 & 24. State Theatre, 49 Market St, Sydney. $50-$150+b.f. Ticket & Info:

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