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The King

Steven Elder, Timothée Chalamet, Sean Harris. Photo: Netflix

Shakespeare is pushed to the side in this remarkable contemporary adaptation of the iconic historical story of King Henry V of England.

The King is quintessentially a film which surfaces occasionally and must be watched by all audiences regardless of taste owing to the incredible performances and high production values. The musical score and cinematography complement a beautifully written script which was co-written by Joel Edgerton (also credited as producer).

The story of King Henry V has been produced many times before, but this ambitious version will entrance audiences. It’s mindboggling that David Michod directed such a mammoth production on his own.

Timothee Chalamet, who gives a memorable performance as King Henry V, leads an ‘A’ list cast which includes Joel Edgerton as Sir John Falstaff, Ben Mendelsohn as Henry IV and Robert Pattinson delivering a humorous performance as the Dauphin of France. This is Chalamet’s cinematic vehicle which will leave audiences perplexed at how such a young actor could deliver such an exceptional performance. His future has been cemented in Hollywood.

Moviegoers have the opportunity to watch The King (which many are calling a masterpiece) on the silver screen for a limited time only before it moves to its permanent throne on Netflix. (MMo)


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