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Photo: John McRae

Marking 50 years since its debut Australian season, tribal rock musical HAIR will take to the stage once again at the Sydney Opera House. A revolutionary musical packed with original classic hits, this October HAIR will have new life injected with a contemporary take on the 1969 hit. 

Starring Packed To The Rafters four-time Logie winner Hugh Sheridan, HAIR features a cast packed with talent and energy. With the 1960s tribe coming face to face with the Vietnam War, HAIR is the story of young people rising up and fighting for change. Mirroring the cultural and social worlds we exist in today, the musical will leave you overjoyed, inspired, and most likely in tears. 

Australian theatre-maker and actor Callan Purcell plays Woof in the production and spoke with City Hub about what makes HAIR so incredible.

“It’s packed full of sexual liberation, psychedelic experimentation and truth about us as a human race; whether or not we’ve progressed since then.”

Callan also discussed the parallels between our world and the world captured in HAIR saying, “We’re seeing young people combating climate emergencies and other global injustices but the difference is they are also taking to digital platforms to strengthen numbers. Even out of a political context we see in both worlds risk-takers, adventurers and fresh faces taking on very real, very important struggles for their own generation.”

Overall, however, HAIR is undeniably fun. Callan shared, “It is such a funny script! For a setting as distressing as the Vietnam war, the script and score are electric…the whole show is just a beast.”

Callan hopes audiences will come with open minds and hearts when they make their way to the Opera House to see HAIR. He finished by saying, “I genuinely hope when they come to visit our tribe they connect with themselves and us for a short moment and remember what it’s like to feel with their heart, not their head. Here’s hoping they let the sunshine in.”

Oct 3-6. Sydney Opera House, Bennelong Point, Sydney. $49-$139+b.f. Tickets & Info:


By Madison Behringer

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