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Dami Im

Over the course of the last month Australia’s own Eurovision runner-up, Dami Im, has been crisscrossing the east coast with her own special redesigned headline tour.

Before arriving in Sydney next week City Hub was able to snag some rare time to speak with Im about the inspiration behind her new music and this redesigned show.

The Dreamer tour, as it has been dubbed, is a tour formulated in celebration of Im’s recently released Live Sessions EP. According to Im this particular record, unlike all of her previous releases, focuses on the uniqueness of the live performance experience for both herself and her audience.

“When I sing my songs live to an audience it only happens once, because no show is the same as another. So I thought with this record it was important to capture that special experience and share it with more people. Whether that is for people who weren’t there or for the people who were there and simply want to continue that memory.”

One song, in particular, has been resonating with fans more than any other on this particular tour. That song being Crying Underwater.

When asked why that song seems to be connecting with audiences Im explained that it all comes down to the song’s inspirations.

Crying Underwater is about feeling like you’re crying but no-one can actually see you feeling that sadness… I wanted to talk in a really honest way about how everybody goes through some dark times and feels sadness or depression at some point in their lives.”

The reactions to this song are what Im says make touring worthwhile, “Touring is fun but it’s also exhausting, so when I have those moments where I feel a connection with people it’s really meaningful and makes it all worth it.”

In order to help foster that connection with the audience Im has redesigned how she approaches live performance. During her live shows now Im says she is much “more open” and willing to “talk deeply” about her experiences and the emotions tied to particular songs.

This change in the live show was drawn out of Im by her recent run of shows at the Adelaide Cabaret Festival. The shows in Adelaide totally broke the mould for a Dami Im show and was certainly a formative experience.

“I got to talk a lot more about my experience of growing up in Australia, the music industry and on X-Factor, which I haven’t really had the chance to share and talk about before. That was really scary because I had to talk about all of these experiences and the feelings I had during them but afterwards it felt so good finally opening up and sharing. There was a great reaction in the room which made me feel like people got to know me and understand me in a more vulnerable way.”

Oct 24. The Metro Theatre, 624 George St, Sydney. $34.95-$94.95+b.f. Tickets & Info:

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