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Cirque Du So Lamp

Jordan Raskopoulos has been working in the entertainment industry for over 15 years, making her way throughout Australia and overseas. She is a musician, a comedian and a live entertainment all-rounder, and through her work in the industry, Jordan noticed an empty space. The premiere of her new show Cirque Du So Lamp at the Giant Dwarf theatre will fill that space – a pandemonic variety show packed full to the brim with talent and entertainment. The show will include comedy, cabaret, drama, music, magic, drag and a whole lot more.

“I’ve found that in Australia and in Australian festivals it wasn’t really an environment to kind of marry all these disciplines, all these weird and wonderful things and acts into one festival,” said Jordan. 

Cirque Du So Lamp is all about fostering a space for a wide and inclusive variety of performers, with Jordan saying, “I want to create a place where comedy and drag and cabaret and drama can all kind of blend as one in one show and create a place where all that can happen.”

Performers featuring on the night include Demi Larnder, Shanghai Sheba, Mama Medusa, Cick Nave and Jordan Raskopoulos herself. 

According to Jordan, audiences are in for a wild ride, “Audiences should expect the unexpected, I think we’re bringing back the phase of variety. I think come with a sense of humour, come with an open mind and expect to have an amazing time. You’ll see some weird stuff you wouldn’t normally see at a comedy!”

Oct 18, Giant Dwarf Theatre, 199 Cleveland Street, Redfern. $25-$30+b.f. Tickets & Info:


By Madison Behringer

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