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The Irresistible

Photo: David Collins

Fresh from sell-out seasons in Queensland and Perth, The Irresistible premieres in Sydney and is sure to humour, intrigue, but more importantly, entertain unsuspecting audiences.

“This show has a bunch of intertwining narratives. It’s all about two sisters who experienced something supernatural when they were young and one has been in denial about it all her adult life,” explained actress Adriane Daff. “But her sister has embraced the experience and is trying to evaluate what it all meant. Other characters are introduced and they kick-off a series of highly dramatic and unexplainable events which change their lives forever.”

Tim Watts performs alongside Adriane Daff and it’s quite inventive how they bring many characters alive on stage. “We don’t use super-fast costume changes or wigs or funny teeth but we both wear microphones and we use a voice manipulation software which means we can change our voices at the press of a button,” enthused Daff. “It’s definitely part of the joy of the show that technology and how it supports the storytelling.”

Adriane Daff was the recipient of the Best Actor Female Award at the Performing Arts WA  awards, and the play also scored the Best Design Award.

Strange, unconventional, dark and funny this soft science fiction thriller should allure audiences who enjoy programs such as Twin Peaks and Stranger Things. “I think this play is for people who say, ‘Oh no I don’t like going to watch straight theatre because I find it really boring, I find it doesn’t challenge me.’ It’s experimental, interesting and there’s a lot to sink your teeth into. It’s a rollicking ride and I often tell people not to work too hard at joining it all together, just let it wash all over you and you’ll have a far better time.”

Daff enjoys hearing people’s thoughts about the play after the performances. “The things people have come up with what they think happened would blow you away! Sometimes people get it bang on and sometimes people come up with something way more interesting than what we could ever have come up with. If you can have that experience and be that actively engaged, it doesn’t even matter if it matches up with what we thought. That is so cool!” (MMo)

Until Sep 15. Sydney Opera House, Bennelong Point, Sydney. $30-$39+b.f. Tickets& Info:

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