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REVIEW: Party Snake

Party Snake is one of those small gems that you’re lucky to come upon at a Fringe season.

It’s the theatrical equivalent of post-dawn kick-ons with an intellectual drag queen as she bares her soul and breaks off into tangents about life, love, gender, and identity all while de-dragging and preparing for her day as a male private school drama teacher.

Written by critically acclaimed New York playwright Kortryna Gesalt and performed with pathos by Melbourne-based performer Lachlan Martin, this one-queen show will have you questioning the skins we all wear to move through the world. 

The traditional drag performer is always ‘on’, constructing a fantasy and commanding a room with charm to spare. In the setting of Party Snake, we meet the queen in a more intimate light, away from the chaos of a club, quietly lip-synching to Edith Piaf with mascara melting down her face, or singing along to an old Elvis tune. 

Party Snake comes to Sydney Fringe for a limited run on the back of hype from a sold-out Adelaide Fringe season and a Melbourne debut. It is an unmissable hour of theatre for drag fans, gender theorists, performers, and art fanatics both melancholy and hopeful. (AM)


Until Sep 21. Old 505 Theatre (Touring Hub), 5 Eliza St, Newtown. $25-$30. Tickets & info:


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