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Cirque Du Soleil – Kurios

The circus is coming to town, however, this is not just any circus. This is the amazing Cirque Du Soleil with yet another dazzling show to tantalise, enthuse and inspire our hearts, souls, and minds. An energetic force field of magic to be reckoned with. A Cabinet Of Curiosities to be analysed, philosophised and immortalised as fantastical characters from another portal in time invade the world of the present.

Characters like Klara The Telegraph Of The Invisible and Mr Microcosmos And Acronet. Characters that embody the dreams of the future at the turn of the century symbolising the incredible changes brought about by the industrial revolution. Klara receives alpha waves, turning on her heels and pointing her antenna hooped skirt depicting the invention of the telegraph and the gramophone. While Mr Microcosmos is the embodiment of the technological revolution, running full steam ahead. His costume is the front of a steam engine and apparently there is a little woman inside telling him what to do.

Sue Maloney, marketing manager for Cirque Du Soleil, explained the amount of hard work and planning it takes to get a show of this magnitude on tour. “In every city we visit we employ not only new performers, but a whole team of costume people, stage managers, technical advisors, set construction engineers and, of course, publicity, promotion, marketing people. Then there is the transport. Apparently in Sydney we don’t have enough trucks available to transport all the costumes, tents, props and sets, half has to be moved by train. The big top takes 10 days to assemble and 120 strong men and women need to be employed for this task alone.“

Anyone and everyone who works with Cirque Du Soleil describes it as one big happy family so proud and happy to be doing what they love. People come from all corners of the globe to join. Kazu Ikeda (Klara) who has just joined the show has been away from Japan for 15 years and has previously been a dancer in music videos for the likes of Britney Spears and Mariah Carey. Mathieu Hubener (Mr Microcosmos) is a French acrobat who joined up for Saltimbanco in 2010 and hasn’t looked back. Michel Laprise, director of Kurios – Cabinet Of Curiosities, joined in 2000 said, “I hope the show will inspire and bring joy to everyone who enters into our special realm of reality under our big top.”

Oct 2-Nov 24. Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park. $80-$355+b.f. Tickets & Info:


By Renee Lou Dallow

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