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Bag Raiders – Horizons

Since first appearing on the scene in 2010 Bag Raiders have been leaders of an entire generation of electronic artists. During that time the duo of Jack Glass and Chris Stacey have been constantly evolving, growing, and maturing. Their long-awaited 12 track offering, Horizons, is the ultimate distillation of this process over the course of almost a decade.

With Horizons the duo delivers a record which balances electronic pop-house music elements and structures against live instrumentation and introspective songwriting with incredible precision.

Throughout the record Bag Raiders welcome aboard a cast of collaborators such as Mickey Kojak, Panama, Tora, and The Kite String Tangle. These collaborations give the already great production of Glass and Stacey a fresh zing whilst remaining true to their vision.

Horizons is a compelling record which will cause the listener to quietly contemplate the storytelling within the music whilst also unbeknownst to themselves bopping away to the subtle bass-lines and melodies.


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