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Korean Film Festival

A Resistance

This is the festival’s 10th anniversary in Australia which also celebrates 100 years of Korean filmmaking with an excellent program of 22 films.

“Korean cinema is steadily rising to be one of the global powerhouses in film. The productions are of high quality with nearly 600 films produced domestically last year,” explained David Park, the Festival Artistic Director.

The purpose of this festival is to culturally engage with Australians. “Our festival isn’t organised to cater for Koreans that are living in Australia, but we cater for non-Koreans and it is reflected in our audience demographics where last year 75% of our audience was from non-Korean heritage.”

There is a great diversity in films screening at this festival, from laugh out loud comedies to dramatic offerings and touching documentaries. The festival opens with A Resistance, beautifully filmed in black and white this film explores the fight for Korean independence and is followed by a Q&A with director Joe-Min-ho and cast members Ko Asung and Kim Ye-eun in attendance.

Animated films are rarely produced in Korea, but this year the festival is proud to present Underdog, a film for the whole family to enjoy. “This animation based on animals and their relationships living in a human world was invited to screen at several film festivals in Japan and was also critically acclaimed.”

Text-book zombie flicks are always a drawcard at film festivals so Rampant and The Odd Family: Zombie On Sale are two titles enthusiasts of this genre should not miss.

“There is a lot to offer in Korean cinema and I highly recommend this film festival for anybody who is looking for something new, something with a different perspective. All our films are screened with English subtitles and if you’ve never seen a Korean film this festival is catered especially for you.” (MMo)


PARASITE: There should be a lot of interest in this drama about income inequality, which was the first Korean film to win the Palme d’ or award at Cannes.

BIRTHDAY: Dramatic look at a family who has been struggling with the tragic sinking of the MV Sewol ferry in South Korea, 2014.

THE GREAT BATTLE: Set in 645AD, the Tang Dynasty emperor Li invades an ancient kingdom of Korea. An epic Asian period action war film.

Aug 22-31. Dendy Opera Quays, Shop 9, 2 East Circular Quay. $12-$40+b.f. Tickets & Info:

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