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Killswitch Engage – Atonement

Trailblazing metalcore legends Killswitch Engage return with their eighth studio album, Atonement. The culmination of two turbulent years of work the record packs an aggressive punch which is complemented by incredibly technical guitar riffs and some of the bands most heartfelt lyricism ever.
Atonement is a clear example of Killswitch Engage’s maturation as both a band and as men. This comes through via the powerful lyrical performance from Jesse Leach, who is back at the top of his game despite recent vocal surgery.
Unfortunately though, after eight albums the group appear to have fallen into a somewhat formulaic approach to songwriting. When Killswitch Engage kicks into high-gear they are unmatched, but this doesn’t occur often enough on Atonement.
For diehard fans, there are easter eggs and moments to love here but sadly this record may struggle to capture new listeners and fans.
★★★ ½

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