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Lighthouse Tattoo
The standard of graphics in the tattoo industry has long surpassed the hastily etched anchors and skull and crossbones on drunk sailors of yore. In such a competitive arena it’s hard to stand out, but Lighthouse Tattoo does. They have a stable of 13 elite specialist artists plus regular interstate and international guest artists. The studio offers the full gamut of recognised tattoo styles including: western traditional, neo-traditional and illustrative, black and grey, realistic, geometric and dot work, portraiture, and script; or clients can design something totally bespoke with an artist. Lighthouse Tattoo is especially revered for their large scale work with a focus on Japanese tattoo. Led by Alex Rusty, Ryan Ussher, and Nathan Puata, these guys have gained a reputation as masters and are highly regarded by clients and tattoo artists alike. The renovated warehouse premises in Botany has a modern industrial chic, with clean lines and an easy, comfortable, welcoming vibe – you’ll need to book before you go, though.
1 Pemberton St, Botany.   9316 4565.

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