Best of Sydney 2019


Bell Shakespeare

John Bell founded this preeminent theatre company in 1990 with a view to sharing the joy and genius of William Shakespeare with a wider audience. Over the years, Bell Shakespeare has performed the popular classics and lesser known plays from the Bard’s extensive catalogue. Plays have been staged in authentic Globe Theatre style with traditional costume, and in a variety of avante garde, experimental, modern forms of theatre. Bell Shakespeare recognises that these plays were written for everyday people, with themes and characters that almost everyone can relate to in some way, and even though the language has changed, the morals, jokes and sentiments still connect. The theatre company has performed on a variety of stages, from tents and small theatres with minimal sets to large scale auditoriums and outdoor shows with high tech productions. Because, let’s face it, all the world’s a stage.


Lvl 1,33 Playfair St, The Rocks. 8298 9000.






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