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Annandale Interiors
This is a full service furniture store. They are not just interested in selling you pieces, they want to ensure that those pieces will complement the environment, suit your needs, and make you feel happy at home. For over 30 years Annandale Interiors has been at the top of their field, selling quality modern classic styled furniture. They have incredibly knowledgeable staff who are patient and intuitive in offering advice and making informed suggestions, and they are happy to come to your office or home and provide a decorating quote. Their range includes large pieces such as beds, dining settings, wall cabinets, sofas, wardrobes and more, right through to decor and ornaments. Each item is custom designed then expertly crafted using natural, durable materials such as mahogany, rosewood, oak, leather and textiles.  It’s beautiful furniture made well.
38 – 42 Parramatta Rd, Stanmore. 9565 1275.

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