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MLC School
Dare to be more is the bold statement on the home page of their website; it’s a challenge MLC School both sets for its students and helps them achieve. The all-girls, independent, non-selective Uniting Church school has a history that dates back to 1886, and even back then they were remarkably progressive, thwarting established limitations imposed on women. That spirit holds true today with a mission statement that encourages fearless thought, moral courage, compassion, and active social participation. They embrace diversity, inclusivity, creativity, and individuality. The school has around 1250 students, from pre-kindergarten through to Year 12, with the option for seniors to do either HSC or International Baccalaureate (IB). Co-curricular activities are in-depth and immersive. They include: Shakespearean theatre training with Sport For Jove; visiting City Of Sydney to examine urban life; an experiential trip to Broken Hill; and overseas trips to assist communities in third world countries.

Rowley St, Burwood. 9747 1266.