Best of Sydney 2019



Before you settle in to one of the turquoise vintage office chair styled bar stools or brown-toned paisley velvet dining chairs make sure you take a tour around the joint. It’s got a very funky ‘60s/‘70s vibe with vintage decor and framed images of past pop culture legends. One room (which you enter via the bookshelf), has a fireplace set in the wall surrounded by leather sofas and chairs. Another sports a retro dining setting overhung by amber glass bowled light shades, with an inset display shelf of glass tear-drop vases. Decide where you’d like to sit and grab a cocktail. Like the premises, the menu is a cheeky modern twist on vintage classics. Thaw out with the Chilli Margherita: chilli infused Olmeca Blanco Tequila, Cointreau, Pineapple. Or get wild with a Cherry Bomb: Beefeater Gin, peach, lemon, cherry.


106 George St, Redfern. 9318 1497.