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Cat Protection Society
Cats were revered in ancient Egypt and why not? These gorgeous little creatures are wonderful companions and hilarious to boot (seen any YouTube videos lately?)  So it’s easy to see what drives the commitment and passion in the staff at The Cat Protection Society. Last year they celebrated their 60th Anniversary. That’s six decades of rescuing stray, deserted, or surrendered cats and finding suitable new homes and humans for them. Cats are thoroughly checked by a vet, wormed, vaccinated, desexed, microchipped, groomed, and rehabilitated so that they are healthy and happy and ready for adoption. CTP is a registered charity and relies on donations, sponsorship, and fundraising. They sell cute cat paraphernalia and accessories at the front desk and have an opp shop a few doors down. The website is packed with useful tips, links, and information for cat owners and they hold regular seminars and events. It is categorically supurrlative!
103 Enmore Rd, Newtown. 9519 7201.

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