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Hypmotive Hub
Located in the wheel of diversity that is Marrickville, Hypmotive Hub is a nucleus of all things creative. Housed in what was once a commercial building, it still functions as a place of industry – one that runs on imagination, craft, and talent and produces unique artworks, handmade goods, jewellery, accessories, fashion and other bespoke items. Owners, Renee and Jake Russo have a deep belief in allowing  artistic expression to thrive, and not just their own; they encourage emerging artists to use the Hub to create and sell/exhibit/perform their works. In addition to being a retail, gallery, and performance space,  Hypmotive also hosts creative workshops, talks, and special events. Not only that, they can provide artists with marketing support and an online sales platform. Now that’s very hyp!
155 Marrickville Rd, Marrickville. 0422 765 650.

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