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Golden Century

This is the kind of restaurant that other chefs go to after they finish their shifts – the food is that good. Owners, Eric and Linda Wong first opened the now iconic original restaurant in Chinatown 30 years ago. It quickly established a reputation for excellence in food, service, and dining experience. Since then they’ve opened up a sister restaurant in The Star complex, The Century, and the Wine Bank at the Golden Century, each also garnering glowing reviews. The menu at Golden Century reflects modern, creative experimentation with flavours while retaining authentic Chinese tradition. Their specialty is seafood, with a selection of dishes that showcase the very best qualities of the very best catches. Food is served with unique sauces and condiments that enhance, rather than mask the true flavour of fish, crustaceans, shellfish and every other seafood. It is all made and presented in the Chinese spirit of sharing, warmth, and respect.


393-399 Sussex St, Sydney. 9212 3901.