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Beds Australia
Experts agree that a good night’s sleep leads to a happier, healthier life – and having the right mattress is key to getting those uninterrupted zzz’s. Your mattress should adhere to the Goldilocks principle: not too hard, not too soft, just right. That’s why you should go to Beds Australia for this all important purchase. They have the widest range of leading brand mattresses in the country, so you’re guaranteed to find the perfect one for you. And just to be sure, they offer a 100 night comfort guarantee and if it doesn’t give you the best life’s sleep, you can exchange it for one that will. Don’t forget though, a bad pillow will undo all your good mattress’ work, so ask the expert staff about their specialty pillows while you’re there. They can also set you up with a made to order bed or headboard and an adjustable bed to suit your lifestyle needs. Don’t take insomnia lying down!
503 Old South Head Rd, Rose Bay. 1300 588 788.

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