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The Torrents

Celia Pacquola. Photo: Rene Vaile

Being performed for only the second time since its publication in 1955, Oriel Gray’s The Torrents will run for a stunning season with Sydney Theatre Company this July and August. Directed by Clare Watson, STC’s production of The Torrents also sees the stage debut for Australian award-winning comedian Celia Pacquola who plays Jenny, the lead. The play is set in the goldfields of 1890s Australia in the fictional town of Koolgalla where the local newspaper is run by the Torrents. Looking for a new editor, they accept the application of a J.G. Milford, completely bewildered by the woman who arrives in town to take the role, not knowing the ‘J’ stood for Jenny. 

Australian actor Luke Carroll (ABC’s Play School) plays Kingsley Myers and spoke about his excitement at the opportunity to work with Clare Watson on The Torrents saying, “When the opportunity came up and I got the phone call, I jumped on it.”

The fact that the play is only running its second season also caught Luke’s attention.

“Well it’s funny because Oriel Gray who wrote it back in 1955…it’s only the second time it’s been performed.”

Although The Torrents is set back in the 1800s, Luke speaks of its comedic value saying, “it’s fun, there’s a lot of laughs in it,” adding, “on top of that though, it’s a show about femininity and in a way not much has changed.”

The Torrents is set to be the whole package, with its season running until August 24 at the Sydney Opera House. 

Summing the show up, Luke said: “You’ll see a lot of similarities from this 1890s era to what we see today. It’s fun though, Celia Pacquola is playing Jenny and she’s a fantastic comedian, with this being her first acting gig. It’s going to be one great show.”

Until Aug 24, Drama Theatre, Sydney Opera House, Bennelong Point, Sydney. $73-$104+b.f. Tickets & Info:


By Madison Behringer

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