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It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Show

The second Taiwan Film Festival arrives in Sydney and when audiences experience the high-quality array of films, they may ponder why this film festival didn’t originate earlier

Film festival attendees should warm to the exhilarating program which boasts 10 feature films and six short films screening over four days. International film festivals recognise the cinematic achievement in Taiwan, which has produced many prominent directors over the years including Ang Lee and Hsiao-Hsien Hou. From human dramas to comedies and documentaries, all these movies highlight the incredible talent in Taiwanese filmmaking which has flourished over the years and justifiably garnered global accolade.

Festival-enthusiasts should take advantage of the seven screenings on the weekend, perhaps having marathon screenings and saving with the multi-film passes which are on offer. (MMo)

There are many highlights not to be missed.

Ohong Village: When a man returns to his village after finding no success in the city he re-invents himself, but alienates his father in the process. The film asks, is an urban success a myth? Opening night film followed by a Q&A with director Lung-Yin Lim.

It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Show: Quirky and fun, this satire takes audiences on a hysterical journey through the darker side of Taiwanese television, which also details the ‘dog-eat-dog’ nature of commercial TV.

The Scoundrels: A former basketball’s star life deteriorates when he becomes involved with gangsters. Connected to a crime which he didn’t commit, he retaliates. Themes of trust, brotherhood, and betrayal.

Nina Wu: When a young actress gives all for a successful film career which doesn’t eventuate, her dream of fame and glory turns into a nightmare.

Jul 25-28. Event George Street Cinemas. $18-$50+b.f. Tickets& Info: