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Sum 41 – Order In Decline

The seventh studio album from Sum 41 hits shelves week and highlights the group’s growth throughout the span of their career.

The record opens with a strong emo punk track, Turning Away. From there though Sum 41 continues down their steady path of maturation as they explore a heavier, faster and more metal approach to their music.

Fans of Sum 41 already know that the group can easily deliver upbeat punk songs, but throughout this record, they prove that they can also indulge both the heavier side and emotional guitar ballads just as easily. The group does this by touching on a breadth of topics, ranging from politics to life as a single parent.

With a career spanning 22 years Sum 41 have essentially done it all by now. For fans of the band, you will find touchstones to each and every era of the group throughout Order In Decline. Conversely, for new listeners, this is the tightest the group has ever sounded so you’re jumping in at a fantastic time.

★★★ ½

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