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Paddo Inn Talks

Photo: Sean Foster

The Paddo Inn is holding a series of Inn Talks featuring female speakers who’ll be sharing their expertise and experience on a wide range of topics. Organiser Danielle Taylor says the monthly talks, scheduled for throughout July and August, are geared towards Paddo Inn’s large female patronage (though men are most welcome). 

“We just wanted to create a space where we could hero some incredible women and talk through issues that are relevant in our day and age,” explains Taylor.

Panellists have been selected to reflect the particular topic for the month and provide valuable insights. Topics range across physical and mental health, business, dealing with social media and more.

“We just wanted to find a wide array of amazing women who we felt had something to say or who have achieved something particularly impressive in their own career or life. They need to be engaging and insightful speakers and passionate about the topic at hand,” says Taylor. “If we can inspire someone to make a positive change to their life in any tiny way, that’s fantastic. If all they do is walk away saying ‘that was a good night’, that’s great too.”

July’s topic is Passion Projects and the panellists will be: Julie Stevanja, Founder & CEO of Style Runner; cook and food stylist, Sian Redgrave; and food photographer Nikki To from Buffet Digital.

Nikki To stumbled into her passion by chance. She was studying law and on the verge of a post-grad degree when she took a job as assistant to a photographer. 

“The first day on the job happened to be –  the photographer was going up in a helicopter and shooting aerials, and I kind of did that and never looked back,” she explains. The position gave her invaluable training, not only in photography but in the often much over-looked requisite skills in business.

“I was everything, I did his invoicing, I went to meetings, I watched him talk to clients, I saw him behind the scenes. And then being with other photographers and seeing how they dealt with clients and how they shouldn’t behave or treat people,” says To. 

Mentorship is something she sees as critical for entrepreneurs. Another thing is the ability to spot and optimise advantages. 

“Looking at opportunities and being smart and seeing what you can leverage,” she explains. 

To’s career started with a lot of underpaid work for food/lifestyle blogs, but through that she was able to get her name out there and make connections. She also had the rare joy of combining two passions: food and photography. Together with an editor she had previously worked for, To now runs Buffet Digital – a content creation business for the food industry.  

“I’m at a point now, with Buffet, where I pinch myself. We work with some of the best food and restaurants in Sydney. It’s such a privilege to capture or create content for them.”

Jul 9. Paddo Inn, 338 Oxford St, Paddington. $55+b.f. Tickets & Info:


By Rita Bratovich

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