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Laser Kiwi

Imogen Stone, Zane Jarvie, and Degge Jarvie are Laser Kiwi, a comic circus act from New Zealand. That is a much too simple description of this high octane, lolly-coloured trio whose fast, hilarious, street-performance style act requires incredible skill, precision timing, and good jokes!

“It’s a mixture of prop comedy, sketch comedy, stand-up, clown and straight circus as well. So it kind of throws you from one genre to the next,” says Imogen Stone who is “an aerialist and hand balancer by trade.”

“We’ve definitely got different skills. Degge is a very good physical comic – almost verging on clown, excellent timing, and he’s a world-class juggler as well. Zane is more like a spoken comic, so he does a bunch of stand up, and he can carry a show so he’s definitely the leader on stage, and he’s also an object manipulator, so, juggler. And then myself […] I do more of the physical comedy and clown as well.”

The trio has performed together since 2014, although brothers Zane and Degge have been performing since they were kids. The group’s name comes from a design that was submitted when New Zealand had considered changing its flag. It featured a kiwi shooting a laser beam from its eye. 

“We felt like it really encompassed how we felt about all our ideas in the show; that they’re kind of brilliantly silly and done well to really inspire other people,” explains Stone. 

The show is in sketch format with around 21 scenes ranging from 30 seconds to eight minutes. It’s high on comedy, but includes aspects of street performance, circus and “a very small tasteful, non-threatening amount of nudity.”

This is Laser Kiwi’s first time in Sydney. They were invited to be part of Bondi Feast and Stone says they are all looking forward to performing in the intimate, gorgeous Parlour Tent. 

“We’re looking forward to being part of a small community focused festival. It’s run by the Waverley City Council, so we know that the people who are putting it on have a focus on what’s best for the community.”

Until Jul 20. Parlour Tent, 1 Queen Elizabeth Dr, Bondi Beach. $30+b.f. Tickets & Info:


By Rita Bratovich

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