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Davisson Brothers Band

Whilst physically there may be thousands of miles between Australia and the hills of West Virginia music ties these two communities together. In particular, it is the music of American country rockers the Davisson Brothers Band which does just that.

When the Davisson Brothers made their debut tour in Australia just last year they were overwhelmed by the response and immediate connection they had with the audience and community.

“It was amazing to see people so into the music and so appreciative. It blew us away to be that far from home and have that many fans out there singing all of the songs word for word,” lead vocalist Donnie Davisson told City Hub, “That is what you work your entire life for, it’s a dream come true, it felt like being at home which is the greatest feeling you can have.”

For Donnie, the reason for this strong connection stems from the cultural similarities between the two disparate communities. 

“All of the folks that I got to meet and spend some time with at the festival campground had a lot in common with us. We’re all good, honest, hardworking country folk who like to have a good time.”

Ever since that debut tour of Australia, which focused only on festival performances, the Davisson Brothers Band have had Australia firmly within their thoughts and creative process. Thanks in large part to their irregular touring schedule and the inherent time differences explained Donnie, “A lot of the time when we were travelling through the night I’d be talking to Australians on social media… I’m trying to write something for all of my Australian friends and fans because a lot of them are like family now, I just need to make sure it’s right.”

During the upcoming tour, the band will once again be performing at a music festival but they will also be touring around the country performing in theatre spaces. It is this change of scenery, which is actually a return to their roots, that has the group so excited for this tour.

“It’s going to be fun to widen the path and separate this tour from strictly playing outdoor festivals,” said Donnie before elaborating, “We grew up playing in nightclubs and theatres with our Dad, so we know how to spice it up for those environments. The outdoor show is very different from our theatre show, but the energy is always there no matter what.”

Jul 25. The Factory Theatre, 105 Victoria Rd, Marrickville. $51.50+b.f. Tickets & Info: