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Skyscraper Stan – Golden Boy Vol I & II

Very few musicians truly embody the troubadour spirit in this modern age as much as Skyscraper Stan does with his latest release, Golden Boy.

Golden Boy is delivered to listeners as a singular package but actually consists of two distinct volumes. Whilst each volume stands alone in their own rights when paired together the listener is taken on a mesmerising journey.

Skyscraper Stan’s lyrical prowess is showcased throughout expertly and is the true focal point of the record. Across the two volumes, Stan tackles themes of privilege, masculinity, crime and ambition before moving into an introspective and autobiographical exploration of lessons learned (or not).

This release fuses country music elements with folk storytelling in an easy to listen to package. Golden Boy is certainly worth taking the time to appreciate and marinade upon over the course a multiple listens.

★★★ ½

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