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Men In Black: International

Let’s address something off the bat: if you go watch Men in Black: International thinking it’s going to be a great sequel or a fantastic reboot to Will Smith’s original series, then you will be mistaken. There is literally no point to this movie, with the story not really leading the overall arc of the movie series to any new destination. 

However, this aside, if you were to imagine that the previous Men In Black (MIB) movies didn’t exist, this iteration is a ripper. It’s funny, aptly edited and the tried and tested chemistry between Hemsworth (Agent H) and Tessa Thompson (Agent M) is spot on. Throw in Liam Neeson (as Agent High T – a clever take if you ask me) as the MIB head in London and you have a good popcorn flick that’s not just entertaining but also very easy to watch. 

This one takes the MIB agents around the globe – from New York to London to Marrakesh to Paris (hence adding International to the title) – in the pursuit of a mysterious weapon that could change the tide of events for the universe. This weapon is of-course also pursued by a bunch of shape-shifting intergalactic bad guys, who steal the show when it comes to the action sequences. Agent H repeatedly says that he once saved the universe with nothing but his wit, and that’s probably more true for this movie. Don’t watch it with Will Smith in mind, and you should enjoy it to bits.



Reviewed by Joseph Rana

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