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Girl In The Machine

Photo: Noni Carroll

We’re living in a time where the concepts and themes in series such as Black Mirror seem to be becoming more and more real and tangible. The line between us and technology is getting shorter. Playwright Stef Smith’s Girl In The Machine is being brought to Parramatta’s Riverside Theatre this month, directed by two-time Sydney Theatre Award Nominee Claudia Barrie. The piece tells the story of a young couple, Polly and Owen, who find that using a new device, the “Black Box”, has them questioning their entire world. Starring Chantelle Jamieson and Brandon McClellan, Girl In The Machine is unlike any traditional theatre you’ve seen. 

Chantelle Jamieson spoke with us about the piece and her initial reactions to reading the script.

“When I read the script I was intrigued. We’re all interested in the relationship that technology has to people and to our cultural interactions and our modern life and wellbeing.”

Considering the play was written to be presented in a theatre, Girl In The Machine has an extensive number of sci-fi elements, helping the actors to push the audience closer to the realness of the themes onstage. 

Chantelle summarised the feeling of Girl In The Machine.

“I think at its heart it’s a really simple story about two people who love each other dearly and how technology could be a helper, but actually is creating distance between people,” she said before continuing, “It’s exploring the amplification of that distance and there are elements of mental illness and how technology can be used as an escape from those feelings.”

Until June 29. Riverside Theatres, Corner of Church & Market Streets, Parramatta. $44-$49+b.f. Tickets & Info:


By Madison Behringer

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