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Fiona Horne – The Art Of Witch

Witches and witchcraft are somewhat of a relic from the past for many people. However, Fiona Horne is looking to revive and inspire a new wave of witchcraft and Wicca practitioners in the modern age. Horne is doing this by releasing her book The Art Of Witch.

Many readers may recognise Horne’s name from her time as the frontwoman for 90s rock band Def FX or her appearances on Hey Hey It’s Saturday, Good News Week and Good Morning Australia. Since those days though Horne has gone on to become a leading expert in the world of modern witchcraft and Wicca, publishing 11 books over the years. Throughout her times practising and writing about witchcraft Horne has also received numerous awards from her Wiccan and Witchcraft peers for her service to the Craft dispelling negative stereotypes and myths about what is now acknowledged as a world religion and respected spiritual path.

For anybody interested in exploring this religious and spiritual path for themselves Horne’s latest book, which she will be launching in Sydney next Wednesday, is a manifesto for the authentic practice of Modern Witchcraft and offers readers compelling insight into her empowered personal practice of this sacred craft.

The upcoming launch event will allow for the curious minded individual to hear Horne’s personal stories in person, as well as ask any questions that they may have.

Jun 12. The Vanguard, 42 King St, Newtown. $66.05-$94.61+b.f. Tickets & Info: