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ATLVS – Memoir

The debut EP from Gippsland, Victoria metalcore group ATLVS immediately hit the listener with an aggressive wall of sound which rarely relents.

The group deliver incredibly fastpaced, punchy metalcore breakdowns throughout the six-track EP. Upon this heavy foundation, the group layer their music with a deep, thoughtful lyricism which focuses on memories of anger, betrayal and the subjective nature of truth.

The compelling lyricism is delivered by lead vocalist Francis King and bassist/backing vocalist Matthew Borthwick. Both of whom command an impressively wide vocal range.

Two tracks, in particular, stand out from the pack on Memoir. Those two songs are the interlude track, Yvth, which is a hardcore genre mainstay in albums but rarely employed in the EP format. Finally, the closing track, Sick, was the EP’s true stand out as the preceding songs all build to a crescendo which this song delivers upon.

Whilst there is nothing groundbreaking or genre redefining on this release it is an impressive first outing which shows incredible promise from ATLVS.


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